Computer-Repair and Emergency Service

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Why choose EDV-Barta:

for fixing your computer and IT problems:
1. Flexible dates I am available - even on weekends and holidays!
2. Short response times you can call me around the clock via telephone - I take care of your problem and your request immediately !
3. Rapid handling In my case there are no long waits - she already received a first phone remote diagnostics and the necessary work on their device to be conducted in a professional and timely manner!
4. Processing from one source I'll personally deal with their request - you only tell me your problem and I take care of everything else!
5. I am multilingual I clarify computer problems in English or Czech !

Location   Taborstr. 76a/1/2-3
A-1020 Wien
Opening Hours   Monday to Friday
13:00 - 20:00

Emergency   Monday to Sunday
+43664 / 875 55 28